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In the beginning

The Avocado Show began as a simple idea between two friends: to create a magical place full of good vibes and avocado dishes. Today, we are one of the world's most popular avocado restaurant brands.

Since opening our first location to widespread acclaim, we have been covered by media in more than 60 countries and built a social following of more than 200,000 passionate fans. In that time, we’ve also opened multiple locations in our hometown of Amsterdam as well as in Brussels, London and Madrid, with other cities soon to follow throughout Europe and the UK.

Pretty Healthy Food

We are known for creating “Pretty Healthy Food,” visually stunning and delicious signature dishes. Each of our creations is crafted with love from sustainable avocados.  We believe our menu is the perfect blend of classic and contemporary. Artfully composed, graciously served, and presented picture-perfect for guests to enjoy and share.

sustainable avocados

The Avocado Show avocados are more than tasty, they’re awesome. And that’s no accident. From day one, we have worked hard to ensure that every single avocado we use in our restaurants is sustainably grown. Our suppliers deliver ripe, ready-to-eat avocados from farms in Chile, Mexico, Peru, Spain and South Africa. Just as importantly, we work with farms that invest in their communities, so everyone can benefit.

More than a restaurant

Although we started as a restaurant, we’ve grown into something much bigger. We have diversified our brand by publishing a cookbook, launching a line of Avocado Show merchandise, and developing frozen Avocado Fries for both B2B and consumer markets. Brand extensions like these bring tremendous value to our franchise partners by cultivating a passionate fanbase and providing additional revenue opportunities in the restaurants.


As we continue to expand, we’re looking for like-minded franchisees to join us. Our goal is to create lasting partnerships by combining the power of our brand and restaurant concept with the knowledge, experience, and entrepreneurial mindset of franchisees who share our DNA.

What we need:

  • Strong identification with our concept, purpose, and values (you must share our DNA)
  • Proven entrepreneurial and/or business development experience
  • Operational experience in the restaurant industry
  • Willingness and ability to work both as an independent business owner and as part of a larger system
  • A well-established network of local partners, authorities, and opinion leaders
  • Thorough knowledge of local real estate, development, and labor laws 
  • Sociability and a fun attitude to doing business
  • Motivation and dedication to build a successful, profitable operation in your market
  • Conversational English
  • Access to the required capital*

*You must have unrestricted access to a capital sum including the initial investment and the franchise fee. Depending on your market situation, the chosen business model, and the initial condition and size of your venue – the initial investment will range from €300,000 upwards per location.

Our model

The avocado show restaurant

The Avocado Show is a casual dining restaurant (CDR) with the following specifications:

  • 1,500 – 3,200 sq ft (120 - 300 sq m) in size
  • Located in high-traffic and/or tourist areas in central metropolitan cities
  • Offering the standard Avocado Show menu (no localization)
  • Requiring skilled kitchen staff and table service

Because full The Avocado Show experience relies on a combination of Pretty Healthy Food, good vibes, and great service, we cater only to dine-in guests. Delivery service is not encouraged nor permitted.

Franchising costs
Franchise fee
Royalty rate
6% of sales
Marketing fund contribution
2% of sales
Local marketing commitment
1% of sales
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