Come & enjoy The Avocado Show

at Daniel Stalpertstraat 61 in Amsterdam

Open 7 days a week, from 09:00 - 17:00

and we serve breakfast,
brunch & lunch


We don’t take reservations

so it’s first come, first served.
Sign in with our host at the door

the story

People often ask us where the idea for The Avocado Show came from. Well, it came from the avocado itself. Just enjoying it in any shape and form is inspiring. Our favorite superfruit in the world is nutritious, versatile, yummy, good looking and basically life! So we decided to open our first restaurant in Amsterdam to celebrate our green best friend.

Together with legendary chef and friend Jaimie van Heije we are able to create the stunning, yummy and mouthwatering avocado dishes that you see on our instagram and facebook page. Looks count, but trust us when we say that our creations taste even better than they look!

We created a place for avocado fans, amazing food lovers & friends to enjoy and have fun. Surrounded by good vibes only.

The aim is to serve fans around the world and to open The Avocado Show in every cool city across the globe, starting in Amsterdam.

We hope to serve you soon. Enjoy!

Ron & Julien




The Avocado Show serves visually stunning and incredibly tasty signature dishes made with love from sustainable and socially responsible avocados.

Classic avocado dishes and contemporary avocado creations shape the menu that is complimented by a wide selection of fresh and tasty drinks to satisfy all of your avo cravings.

It’s first come, first serve at the door, so no reservations possible. Just walk in, sign up with our host and enjoy the show!

OUr Tasty avocados

Our avocados are more than tasty, they’re awesome! Just like our supplier:

Nature’s pride handpicks the very best of the best avocados just for us and makes sure that they are eat me ripe any day of the week. 

Every single avocado that we use at our restaurant is grown sustainably and they’re all picked, packed and transported socially responsibly from different markets and countries around the world, like Chile, Peru, South Africa and other certified farmers.


Haven’t dropped by our pop-up store yet?

Come on over and submerge yourself in avo goodness! Our wide selection of fun must have avocado goodies go hand in hand with our favo fruit arcade game and sustainable Eat Me avo wall

Just 100 meters from our restaurant the store can be found at Daniel Stalperstraat 76 HS.




THE Menu

We love all of you, so we serve flexitarians, vegetarians, vegans, pescitarians and martians our greatest hits menu which you can find here.

We accept card payments only, for environmental and safety reasons. No cash, no gold, no diamonds. 

View menu (PDF)

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