Refer a Chef & Earn €500

Hey Avo Fam!

Know someone we should meet?

Wanna earn a fast €500? We’re looking for chefs to join the back-of-house teams at our Amsterdam and Brussels restaurants. And we thought, who better to ask than our own AMAZING Avo Fam.

Here's more about who we're looking for and what we are offering:

- Chefs or cooks with either a little or a lot of experience in the kitchen (excellent home cooks are also welcome!)

- Part-time and full-time positions are available

- Salary between €2,000 - €3,200 per month depending on experience (on a full-time basis, incl. tips)

- 8% holiday pay and 25 holidays

- International growth opportunities!

How the referral bonus program works:

- You know someone who fits the description above (the referral must be a qualified candidate for one of the positions we are trying to fill)

- Tap or click the button below to send an email with the following: Your name, your mobile number, your friend’s name, their mobile number and email address

- If they are hired and stay with us for at least 1 month, we will give you a €250 bonus

- If they remain with us longer than 7 months, we will give you an additional €250 bonus

- Sit back, keep your fingers crossed and wait for your new best friend to join you as an Avo Fam colleague 🎉🎉🎉

So... do you know someone we should meet? Click or tap below to share their details. If you have any questions about this program, please send an email to

Please Note:
Referral bonuses are only payable if you refer someone and we then hire them via this campaign (you are only eligible if you send an email to as described above). Other methods of referral are not eligible for bonuses.
Referral bonuses are only payable for the positions described above. Currently we are only offering bonuses for BOH chef positions in Amsterdam and Brussels.
To receive a bonus, the referred colleague must sign a contract with The Avocado Show and be employed as follows: 1 full month to receive a €250 bonus (bonus is payable after 1 month); 7 full months to receive a second €250 bonus (bonus is payable after 7 months).
Referral bonuses are only payable if the person you refer signs a contract and starts working with us within 4 months of your referral.
Referral bonuses are only payable if you are actively employed by The Avocado Show at the time they are due. (Bonuses will not be paid to employees who leave the company before the bonuses are due.)
Any potential new colleague can only be referred by one person at a time. In the case of multiple referrals of the same person, only the first referral will be eligible for the bonus.

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