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We bring joy to avocado lovers

Titles are cool, but we’re looking for talent… and a passion to make people happy. Do-gooders. Big-thinkers. Leaders. Team players. Most of all, people with a great attitude and a desire to make a positive difference. We learn, succeed and celebrate as one team. Are you ready to join us?

We live by these values

We're building a strong, diverse team of curious, creative people who work with purpose and support one another in the process. Whether it’s restaurant staff, our HQ team, franchisees, suppliers, investors, or other partners – we expect every member of The Avocado Show family to embrace our culture of positivity, respect, trust, transparency and collaboration.

We Are inventive and always find solutions
We look out for each other, our guests and the environment around us
be inclusive
We Welcome everybody, Embrace differences and ensure that everyone belongs
be sustainable
we are committed to respecting the environment and believe you should be, too
We make it a point to enjoy our time together, to create the best experiences for our guests
We get the most out of each other by showing, telling and teaching

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restaurant positions

Below you will find information about all of our restaurant positions. Please be aware that we may not be actively looking for new talent at this time. But we are always happy to review applications.